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Home is our most personal and intimate place. It is the space to express each one's true self and be at one’s best even in the most comfortable attire.

But what do people need to feel “like Home”? In their conversation, architect Vincent Van Duysen and top model Amber Valletta agree on immersing in the pleasant feeling of Loro Piana Relaxwear, unique garments for leisure with comfort and flair. Men's and Women's sweaters, trousers, and outerwear for the most enjoyable ease.


The soft embrace of a blanket: the first and final personal space to unwind.

Easeful, spacious, sophisticated: our blankets will make your home outstanding.

Feel a Loro Piana blanket becoming an architecture for the body.

Our manufacturing expertise allows contrasting colours and different patterns on both sides.


Double construction for an elegance you can take with you everywhere.

Choose among wool, wool and cotton blend or sumptuous cashmere Coarsehair®, with torchon fringe on the short edges.

Treat yourself to the unforgettable touch of a Loro Piana blanket.

Enhance your relaxation with the best softness, beauty, and design.